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Company:- shall mean South Anston Limited or any associated or subsidiary Company thereof. Client:-  shall mean the person, firm or Company with whom the Contract is made whether for the supply of Goods or Services.
Order:- shall mean the Buyer's official instructions in writing to supply of services. The Contract:- shall mean: (a) Where the Company submits an offer to the Buyer the Company's and the Buyer's unqualified written acceptance. (b) In all other cases the Buyer's Order and the Company's unqualified acceptance, together the Conditions and documents included in the Contract. Conditions:- shall mean the Terms and Conditions as expressed in this document.


1. Prices
We reserve the right to alter our selling prices without prior notification, the Buyer. Prices already quoted may increase to reflect increases in costs.


2. Quotations 
Quotations are based on prices ruling at the date of preparation.


3. Start dates delays, Delivery and Unloading 
3.1 Delivery dates quoted are based upon trading conditions prevailing. Should the time for start/delivery have to be extended due to delays or causes beyond our control, we cannot accept any liability arising from such delays. 
3.2 We do not accept liability for damage, shortage or non-delivery unless notified at the time of delivery. 
3.3 Any stipulated or quoted start dates and deliveries are estimates and in no circumstances will we be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever caused by any delay in the completion of the contract, nor will you the Buyer, be entitled to rescind or repudiate the contract by reason of such delay.


4. Compliance with regulations 
The Clients, will make arrangements to comply with and satisfy themselves that the performance of the installation complies with every by-law or rule of any t authority including the obtaining of all necessary licenses or permits which may be required with the performance of the contract .


5. Terms of Payment 
All invoices are due for payment in full, within 30 days of the date of invoice for payment unless otherwise stated in The Contract. In accordance with the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act, interest will be charged at eight per cent over the base rate of Barclay's Bank PLC.


6. Right to recover 
Goods supplied shall remain our property until paid for, and so we reserve the right to recover them in full.


7. Cancellation 
In the event of the client purporting to cancel an order, the client shall be responsible for all costs and charges incurred by the Company, and if the Company has commenced, the client shall accept the costs incurred, thus far by the Company and pay those costs in full.


8. Jurisdiction 
Any order shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English Law and both parties accept the jurisdiction of the English Courts.


9. Insolvency
If the client becomes insolvent or offers to make any arrangement with its creditors or commit any act of bankruptcy, or if the client fails to make due payment in accordance with our terms of payment and manner specified, the Company shall have the right to suspend works and cancel further works and treat the contract as repudiated without prejudice to any claim which the Company may make of exercise.


10. Warranties/Certificates
Where warranties/certificates are offered within The Contract, they are subject to an agreement with any linked manufacturer and final authorisation with the release of the warranty/certificate to the client subject to receipt of full settlement of our account in accordance with clause  5.


11. Liabilities
The Company shall not be liable to the Client for any loss, damage or expense of any kind (whether direct, indirect, financial or consequential, and whether arising from negligence or otherwise) resulting from the works or failure of services. This clause does not affect the clients statutory rights.The client warrants the accuracy of all information given to this company and/or on the clients behalf.


12. Miscellaneous

The client warrants that there are no matters that have not been disclosed to the Company as to whether they affect the works and costs involved.

Should the client or representative interrupt or delay work, the Company reserves the right to charge additional costs and expenses for down-time. These costs will be based on the prevailing daily rates.

The Company shall be permitted free access to all working areas and the client is to ensure that any preparatory works required are instigated prior to commencement of the works.


The Company is to be to use of electricity and water supplied throughout the works at direct cost to the client.